17 Ways to Be a Better Leader

My favourite points from the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

Momentary Self-Awareness

E.g., “I’m mostly being a conscious leader, but I’m leaning into an anxious bossy state slightly; so I’m somewhere in the middle”

Viewing things from an ‘energy expenditure’ perspective

Ask: ‘What data is powering my actions?’

Meditation + Yoga

Soak in the vastness of the universe…

Label physical spaces by utility

Interrupt Reactivity

Everything’s-a-gift mentality

Physically Locating Feelings

Pretend to be an elderly couple at the zoo

A day at the zoo

Mirror your complaints about others to yourself

Speak unarguably

Realize that life is better when you’re on top of things… right away

Aggressively smell candles

Check the weather… we’re not in the wild savannah

Fill-in-the-blanks for what’s missing in your life

Are you living life as a human being or human doing?

Quotes I like

17 yo building better maternal healthcare in developing countries.

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