Advice for Incoming TKS students

Satya Nadella (left): CEO Microsoft, Nadeem Nathoo (right): Co-founder of TKS
Speaking in a Stadium in Las Vegas … in front of tens of thousands of people
In conversation with Sophie Trudeu, Wife of the Prime Minister of Canada
My TKS friends hanging out in Montreal 💖

1: Seek clarity if you don’t understand why something is important.

TKS will expose you to brand new concepts and methodologies.

2: Be willing to change your perspectives/approaches/beliefs.

Things will be different and surprising. The worst thing you can do when approached with novelty is shut it down. Don’t be overly skeptical.

3: Treat TKS as a toolbox.

When you go to your dentist, how often do you ask them to fix your car engine? Probably not very often. Does that mean they can’t be of value to you? Well, no. They can fix your teeth, just not your car.

4: Make it a priority.

When I joined, I had two priorities: TKS and school.

5: Don’t strive for “balance.”

The second most common question I get is “how do you balance TKS and School.” And the short answer is I don’t.

6: Celebrate other people. It isn’t just about you and your success.

The biggest mistake you’ll make is thinking of this as a competition.

7: The only person you’re working against is your self.

Become a better version of yourself. Whatever that looks like.

8: Turn things into action right away.

What’s the point of knowledge if it doesn’t turn into action?

9: Quit looking for answers.

The education system trains us to hunt for cookie-cutter answers.

10: Expect to fail.

None of this should be easy. Not everything will come naturally.

11: Enjoy it!

Have. Fun. Trust me, I know what it’s like to take life too seriously. You’ll lose motivation.

So, what should you do know?

Remember, turn everything into action.

  • Can you start getting ahead in school? Learning next year’s courses?
  • Start supporting other people. Share your study notes. Give your friends compliments (sincerely) and be their fan. Try to demolish your tendancy to be jealous.



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