Everything you need to know about women’s health and milking cows

The Science behind 50% of our population.

`The first breast pump. No, it’s not supposed to be user friendly, intuitive or comfortable.
Still looks pretty scary to use 😆

Why should we care about women centred products?

What’s the state of the femtech industry?

From an economic perspective, why is supporting women important?

Menstruation; period.

Why do we get periods?

TLDR: we get periods when our body prepares for a baby, but our egg doesn’t find a spermy friend.

Items people may use instead.

How does Femtech come to play?

Collection Methods

Or, the comfy hoosier belt.
The modern tampon patent.

Symptom Tracking

PMS in a nutshell.

Pain/Disorder Solutions


Contraception changed the western world.

TLDR: the pill gave women control of their fertility, which gave them control of their lives.

Normal Contraceptives

The small rod is surgically implanted into the arm.
Adding more hormones to your body helps your egg disappear after ovulation.
*Sperm magnified for the sake of drawing; they’re actually 30X smaller than the egg.
*Sperm magnified for the sake of drawing; they’re actually 30X smaller than the egg.


Emergency contraceptives

*Sperm magnified for the sake of drawing; they’re actually 30X smaller than the egg.

What’s the femtech opportunity here?


How does conception happen?

Snack time!
It’s an adventure to get up!

This is conception.

The first three steps are identical to menstruation. The only difference is fertilization happens, so the endometrium isn’t shed.
Zygote starts dividing (becomes morula). Then, as it continues to divide it becomes a blastocyst.
Implantation in action

How come pregnancy doesn’t happen more often?

What causes infertility?

Issues with Female Fertility

Infertility Cause #1: Ovulatory Disorders

Women need this pattern of hormones to ovulate.
HPO axis
I think I just changed the game for Slack’s endocrinology targeted ad strategy.

Infertility Cause #2: Tubal Obstruction

Some examples of blockage

TLDR: any form of inflammation or tissues that build up in the tubes. Inflammation causes swelling, which decreases the opening of the tubes. Different diseases/conditions cause a pile-up of muck in there.

Infertility cause #3: Endometriosis

Everyone meet endometriosis, the lost and confused dog.

What solutions to infertility exist today?

GnRH monitors the release of FSH/LH.

How can femtech advance conception?




Zygote → blastocyst → placenta + embryo → fetus → newborn

Sometimes it’s accidental.

The purpose of contraception is to give women control over their fertility. That’s what abortion does. Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice; abortion is a contraceptive.

Ectopic pregnancy (top left corner)

Maternal death

At the current rate of decline, it’ll take us 96 years to have 0 maternal deaths in Africa.

What causes maternal death?

In the case of uterine atony, doctors will need to help it move.

So, when the placenta behaves abnormally, the whole body gets affected. The placenta is like the foundation of a house; without it, it doesn’t matter what your windows or roof look like. You need that stable foundation.


Still Birth

Cord wraps around baby

What’s the femtech opportunity?

Giving Birth

An episiotomy helps the baby “slip out”
Placenta (front) baby (back)… if you couldn’t tell.

What if a woman can’t give a vaginal birth? Welcome to the c-section.

C-section incision
Spinal Block; think of it like a temporary epidural.

To recap: on the medical front, there are two classes of options.

Induced labour (left) taking over regular labour (right).
The balloon catheter adds extra pressure and starts stretching the cervix.

Because induced labour is “unnatural,” there are several downsides to it.

TLDR: It hurts to do anything down there after birth — for weeks or months.



Or someone else’s face. Either way, it sucks for the “touched” person.

If perimenopause is getting a chilly pepper in your nose, menopause is like suffering a fourth-degree burn.

These hormone levels drop dramatically

Female Only Diseases

The story of equality has killed women.

Diseases are sex-specific.

We’re getting a bit better at #1. We’ve started to tell the difference between men's and women’s symptoms.

Scientists are starting to discover the key differences between men and women. Here are some recent examples:

We’re also learning about the role of important female sex hormones, like estrogen beyond reproduction.

What’s the implication for all this?

Femtech Companies

Let’s Recap — What are the key things you should take away?

17 yo building better maternal healthcare in developing countries.

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