Genetically Modifying Yeast — Changing The Future of Dairy

Genetically Modifying Yeast — The Process

This is the process of “cloning” plasmids so they contain new genetic information.
The genetically modified plasmid is combined with the host cell to produce a new cell the new genetic information given to the plasmid.

How We’re Going to Produce Large Amounts of these Proteins

Casein and Whey chemical structures

Perfect day’s process includes 3D bioprinting Cow DNA

We need a change in the way we make dairy.

Using IoT Sensors to improve this process

  • fewer maintenance costs
  • fewer management costs
  • understanding how the yeast cells grow better but being able to monitor temperature, and behaviour of the cells
  • More accurate analysis of conditions in the breweries; fewer emergencies
  • Optimize the inventory of resources: if we’re able to monitor protein conversion rates, nutrient intake and other factors that affect the yeast during fermentation, we can understand the resources required to produce casein and whey
  • minimize time spent managing resources and inventory
  • work towards tweaking the process to make yeast-protein production cheaper.




18 yo feminist writer building a product called Boob Blurb

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Isabella Grandic

Isabella Grandic

18 yo feminist writer building a product called Boob Blurb

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