How to spend your time to achieve Maximal Life Experiences

There are 3 things worth Investing your Time In

Happiness index is just a bunch of arbitrary numbers. It’s just to show that after a certain threshold, money does not determine happiness.

Time spent Learning

Learning Brings You Towards Passion

This kid ain’t about to find her passion

Time spent developing Ideas

Great Minds Discuss Ideas. Average Minds Discuss Events. Small Minds Discuss People

We don’t talk about ideas enough; we don’t have enough thinkers

I’m gonna die eventually.

PWC Vancouver dinner
Chillin’ at BBTV
✌️@ Hootsuite
Presenting at Microsoft!
On my way to the Pacific ocean; Generating world-saving ideas by night, touching oceans by day😎

Time spent experiencing

Life can be a mess sometimes, but you just need to clean it up 🤯#inspiration
Me about to watch some sickkkkkk talks

Learning, Ideating, Experience — All super important.



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