I was selfish, not broke

  • Save some money to bet on myself. Bet on projects, ideas, and visions.
  • Invest in my friends’ curiosities, ambitions and projects
  • Be reflective with purchases — ask, is this vital? Useful? Meaningful?
  • Tip well
  • Develop an honest dialogue with oneself. Am I broke, or am I choosing to spend my money elsewhere? Why?
  • Money is a vote in this world — have it reflect personal values.
  • Stuff is a burden to freedom; purchase material things intentionally.
  • Money is psychological as much as it is tangible; always consider emotions, time and energy as part of each investment.
  • Define luxuries and saving goals, but don’t wholly splurge on them.

1) One to Zero: betting on myself by emptying my bank

Friends at BC Tech Summit in Vancouver

2) The $42 Gift Certificate

I learned that investing in others is a sustainable joy. It sticks around for longer and has a higher endurance than self-centred splurges.

3) “Is the extra 50 cents for cream cheese really worth it?” — Ponderings of a new young woman in the workforce.

I shop with speculation.

Picture from my office :)

4) The day I learned that my heroes were once tip workers

I’ve vowed never to be cheap at the expense of someone else’s service

5) Launching a Business: (and realizing that people tend to be selfish)

6) Supporting others, regardless if they reciprocate

I behave the way I think they deserve to be treated (which is agnostic to how they treat me).

7) Learning the burden of stuff by moving into and out of uni

Me and my little suitcase (grey) off to the left

I value travel over things. Travel is easier with less stuff. So, I’ve become a physical minimalist.

from my first time in New York City ❤
  • The appeal of a humble, compounding life. The article tells the story of Grace, a quiet lady who died with $7 million (which went to charity). She lived with everything she needed and compounded her savings to end with a great bang. She never lived externally like a multi-millionaire. I love recalling her story and leaning on her strength to choose need over greed.
  • There are hidden costs to spending money (e.g. the emotional cost of watching money you spend to go into the stock market). Thus, money is not the only thing of value to protect and strive for in life.
  • Wealth is what you don’t see”… “If you see someone driving a $200,000 car, the only data point you have about their wealth is that they have $200,000 less than they did before they bought the car.”

So, in addition to staying aware of my financial standing, I also stay aware of my biases, ego, and ways I can choose need over greed.

Sapiens in my lap on the plane 😎

9) My first trip to California & defining my personal ‘luxuries.’

  • Travel, especially to connect with other people. (I am actually writing this from the Burbank Airport, after visiting my friends Adrienne, Noel and Gracie… and on my way to visit my friend Amelia ❤). I’d love to get a car, maybe in 2 years, so I can really take on a roadtrip lifestyle.
  • Coffee shops when I sit there for 3+ hours. It’s my productive heaven.
  • Books! I like buying books second-hand or through kindle so I can write in them. I also like giving them away after I read them, so they can have a longer life inspiring others. My bookshelf and book piles always make me vibrantly grin. :)
A Malibu Sunrise

I wasn’t always like this, but oh gosh, am I happy I’ve changed —



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