The next billion dollar company will be in lab-grown meat

It’s just the start for lab-grown meat, the price is going down.

The three main challenges stopping cultured meat from scaling

Cost Barrier # 1: the medium

Right now supply for FBS is low, and demand is High — that’s why it’s so pricey

Companies like JUST and Memphis meats claim they have plant-based media, but it could cost more than FBS

Improve cell culture life + ability to proliferate

Cost Barrier #2: Microcarriers

Cost Barrier #3: Bioreactor tanks

Once we get the variable costs down + set up breweries, how will cultured meat burgers compare to traditional burgers?

One of the main resources being put into growing beef is water.

Livestock are eating up our water AND land

The biggest expense is feeding the cows

Lab-grown meat is better than conventional meat in every way



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