Why Cycle Syncing Won’t be a Billion $ Industry, but Female Anatomy Party Games will be

The Future of Sex Ed is Called Boob Blurbing

Soooo why is there white stuff in my underwear?


SIMPLY: my underwear were 50 shades of white because of my hormones. Not two famous magicians controlling my basic physiology.

I turned into an infradian rhythm girl scout.

The Boss Ladies Minga crew in may 2020

Fertility Awareness Method Interjection

FAM uses natural symptoms (like temperature and cervical mucus) to estimate one’s fertility. Image Source.

I wanted to use FAM to see my infradian rhythm in action.

The basic idea is that right after your period to when you ovulate (release an egg), your body temperature is lower compared to after you ovulate. (It’s lower by less than 1 degree Celcius, but nonetheless a pattern). Image Source.
Basically, when you’re in the middle of your cycle (ovulation), cervical fluid tends to be the most “egg white” consistency (not the paint colour … think literally cracking open an egg and separating out the whites). Image Source.

Reaching Nirvagina

Scaling Female-Self Awareness

The Kit

Example kit: has book club read (In the Flo), tracking notebook, Luteinizing hormone strips, a creativity card deck, menstrual cups, pens/markers, and pee cups
Another example kit! You can see some of the LH tests, peeing cups, the book, pens/makers and the personalized notebook! Each had 4–5 tracking graphs where you colour it in, based on your score for the day. E.g. for cravings, productivity cervical fluid and mood.
Directory for the online resource hub I created!

The Experiment

But I learned that my thinking was wrong.

What product testers said:

What is the next thing for female education?



A Case Study

I have a new experiment. 👩‍🔬

Go to boobblurb.com to sign up for the free digital game

17 yo building better maternal healthcare in developing countries.

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